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Going Architectural

A collector of Yaheya's work wanted to commission something personal. He asked Yaheya to capture his Florida house and boat in her own unique style. Big, bold & bright.

Yaheya created three studies from drone shots taken by the client of his house from various angles. Elements from two of the studies were then amalgamated into the final piece. It was painted on a 48" x 60" canvas.

Yaheya said "Architecture involves a lot of straight lines. For me, this was challenging as it ran contrary to my being where I love curves. It was important for me to bring drama and dynamism into a still painting. There are areas that are abstract, realism, three dimensional and linear. The contradiction in these elements resulted in the drama.

This painting was a marriage between architecture and landscape. I loved doing this piece because there was so much subject matter with which to experiment and explore".

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