What do Yaheya's clients say?


Creating artwork is a very personal process for Yaheya where she explores colours, styles and mediums.  Her work is very unique and the feedback she receives from followers of her work is always really appreciated.  


Here is a selection of feedback from buyers of Yaheya's artworks which ship around the world.

Tina and Paul - Maahra in Flight (painting)


"Hi Yaheya,


The painting arrived today safe and sound and we are thrilled with it, she's off to the framers on Friday.  Thank you so much for the birthday card what a lovely thought ( I've been very good and not opened it yet ).  


As soon as we get this painting back from the framers I will give you a ring about having one done of Sutts. That way we will have a better idea about what size we will want. I've had a look through and we have got some photos that I think you will be able to work from but on a realistic note a lot will depend on cost.


We are so pleased to have discovered your art, you have an amazing talent and we could not be more pleased with the painting.


Once again thank you so much.  We will be in touch soon".

Susan - ‘Jump’ (Print)


"It's arrived, stunning I love it!  You have such an amazing gift.   My friends husband is a photographer he is going to mount it for me.  Thank you again, you will be hearing from me in the near future.  Take care,  Susan x"

Paul - ‘Technicolour Horse’ (Painting)


"Dear Yaheya,


I took delivery of the painting yesterday with a small amount of apprehension, buying something over the internet can always carry the risk of not receiving exactly what you expected - and indeed this was the case.


When I opened the package what I saw was something that unexpectedly moved me, it was so beautiful. I feel very lucky to have found such a talented artist and now be in possession of one of your paintings. The very best of luck for you in the future - which I'm sure is very bright".

Sent to United Arab Emirates - ‘Matrix’ (Painting)


"I received the painting today, it’s beautiful.  My friend loved it.  Thank you so much"

John - ‘Mustard’ (Painting)


“My wife loves the painting very much.  I will hang it later”

Rachel - "Madison" (Painting)

"The painting arrived safely today and it's every bit as lovely as I expected.
I'm thrilled the colours are more vibrant than they looked on screen"

Yaheya Pasha